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The Summerset Sluggettes
by Randall L. Whipkey

The Summerset Sluggettes softball team recently opened their season in the Shore Summer League with a thrilling 16-15 win over the Ocean City Dolphinettes. Coach Yolanda Berra plans to start each game with the same nine 12-year-old players, including Kayla, in the same positions: pitcher and catcher; first base, second base, shortstop, and third base around the infield; and left field, center field, and right field in the outfield. Given the clues below, can you find the Sluggettes gameday line-up: each player's full name (one last name is Vincent) and position and where she hits, 1st through 9th, in the batting order?

  1. The Owens girl bats immediately ahead of the center fielder.
  2. These three Sluggettes bat consecutively, first to last: Emily, the Williams girl, and the catcher.
  3. The Owens girl, who isn't Grace, doesn't start at third base.
  4. The Upton girl doesn't open Sluggette games at catcher or in the outfield.
  5. Dina immediately follows the Raymond girl in the order.
  6. Emily and the Scott girl wear uniforms 0 and 00 respectively.
  7. Neither Grace nor the Williams girl hits 8th in the order.
  8. Neither the Peters nor the Quinn girl plays catcher.
  9. Molly, the Scott girl, and the 7th batter in the order are the Sluggettes' starting outfielders.
  10. The third baseman immediately precedes the Upton girl in the batting line-up.
  11. The shortstop bats immediately ahead of the Thomas girl, who doesn't hit 6th.
  12. The pitcher isn't the team's clean-up (4th) hitter.
  13. These three players bat consecutively, first to last: the Peters girl, the left fielder, and Grace.
  14. Molly isn't the Williams girl.
  15. The catcher, who isn't the Owens girl, doesn't hit 8th in the batting order.
  16. No two outfielders follow each other in the batting order.
  17. The second baseman immediately follows Faith in the line-up.
  18. Jen bats just ahead of Chyna in the order.
  19. Heather isn't the 9th-place batter.

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