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Logic Puzzle # 21 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Boys Soccer Coaches

The five soccer coaches are named in clue 1: Kenny, Cruyff, the United coach, the coach of the Spurs, and the U-11 mentor. The Rangers aren't coached by Kenny (3) nor by Cruyff (8), so the Rangers must be the U-11 team in clue 1. By clue 4 then George coaches the U-13 team and Nesbitt leads the U-12 squad. In clue 6, where David's players are one year older than Keegan's and Keegan's are one year older than the FC players, David either is Nesbitt and coaches the U-12 team or David coaches the U-11 Rangers. If David were coach of the Rangers, then Keegan would coach the U-10 squad and FC would be the name of the SSA U-9 team (6). In clue 1, then, either Kenny or Cruyff would be coach of FC. If Kenny were coach of FC and Cruyff then coach of City, Cruyff would have to be George and City would be the U-13 squad--no (9). If Cruyff were coach of FC, in clue 1, Kenny would be coach of City. Since Kenny isn't Keegan (3), Kenny would have to be Nesbitt--contradicting clue 7, where Coach Nesbitt isn't the City mentor. Therefore, David isn't Rangers coach. In clue 6, David is Nesbitt, Keegan leads the Rangers, and FC is the U-10 team. In clue 1, either Cruyff or Kenny coaches FC. If Cruyff were FC coach, Kenny would coach City, the U-9 squad. He wouldn't be Dalglish (2) and would thus be Coach Best--a conflict, since Best doesn't coach City (7). So, Kenny is FC coach. In clue 1, Cruyff must be City's mentor. His team aren't the U-13 boys (9); they are the U-9 squad. Cruyff isn't Johan (8); Keegan is, and Cruyff is Kevin. By clue 2, Dalglish is George and Kenny Best. George Dalglish coaches Spurs and David Nesbitt United (5). The five SSA soccer coaches are

  • U- 9 : City, coached by Kevin Cruyff
  • U-10 : FC, coached by Kenny Best
  • U-11 : Rangers, coached by Johan Keegan
  • U-12 : United, coached by David Nesbitt
  • U-13 : Spurs, coached by George Dalglish Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.