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Logic Puzzle # 20 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
This Week on Oprah-Rickie

Iona was on "Talk A. M." the day before Ms. Abbott appeared on the program (clue 7), so in clue 8, Iona isn't the author of Women Are From Around Here ... . Iona also isn't Ms. Davis (2), so she isn't one of the three in clue 8. Ms. Abbott isn't the author of Women Are From Around Here ... (3), so she also isn't one of the three in clue 8. In clue 8, then, Mitch must be the author of Women Are From Around Here ... . Since Iona and Ms. Abbott were interviewed by Oprah-Rickie on consecutive days (7) and the three authors in clue 8 were interviewed on consecutive days, either Iona or Mitch was Monday's guest--by clue 4, Iona. So, Iona was on "Talk A. M." on Monday, Ms. Abbott on Tuesday (7), Mitch (talking about Women ... on Wednesday, Jeffrey on Thursday, and Ms. Davis on Friday. Since there are three women (Iona, Ms. Abbott, and Ms. Davis) and two men, and since Jeffrey isn't the author of The Incredible Breathing Brain (6), in clue 1 Jeffrey must be Mr. Bergman and Ms. Davis then the author of Brain. By clue 5, Iona is author of I'm So-So ... and Ms. Abbott of Attitude ... . By elimination, Jeffrey Berger was on Oprah- Rickie plugging Beef Broth ... . By clue 9, Kandi is Abbott and Iona Ellison. Finally, then, Linda is Davis and Mitch Cassini. The five self-help authors appeared on "Oprah-Rickie Jones-Raphael Talk A. M." in order

  • Monday - Iona Ellison, I'm So-So and So Are You
  • Tuesday - Kandi Abbott, Attitude Is a Lot of It
  • Wednesday - Mitch Cassini, Women Are From Around Here, Men Are From Out There Somewhere
  • Thursday - Jeffrey Berger, Beef Broth For Your Psyche
  • Friday - Linda Davis, The Incredible Breathing Brain Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.