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This Week on Oprah-Rickie
by Randall L. Whipkey

This week on WSUM-TV's "Oprah-Rickie Jones-Raphael Talk A. M." show, the author of Beef Broth for Your Psyche and four other writers of self-help best sellers appeared to plug their latest books. Each of the five, including Linda, was interviewed by Oprah-Rickie on a different day of the week Monday-Friday. From the TV guide below, can you solve the logic puzzle of each author's full name (one surname is Cassini) and book title and on which day he or she was on "Talk A. M."?

  1. Mr. Bergman was on the program the day before the writer of The Incredible Breathing Brain.
  2. Iona and Ms. Davis were interviewed together on the "Gerry Slinger Show" the week before coming to Summerset and WSUM-TV.
  3. Ms. Abbott isn't the one who plugged Women Are From Around Here, Men Are From Out There Somewhere.
  4. Monday's guest wasn't Mitch.
  5. The book I'm So-So and So Are You was discussed the day before Attitude Is a Lot of It was.
  6. Jeffrey and the author of The Incredible Breathing Brain are both with publisher Singleweek Books.
  7. Oprah-Rickie interviewed Iona the day before she talked with Ms. Abbott.
  8. Ms. Davis was on "Talk A. M." the day after Jeffrey was, while Jeffrey was on the show the day after the author plugging Women Are From Around Here, Men Are From Out There Somewhere.
  9. Kandi appeared on the program the day after author Ellison.

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