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 Logic Puzzle # 19 Logic Problems Help  

A Few Fast Figure Eights
by Randall L. Whipkey

Before this year's Dewey Beach 500 race, the wives of the four top GASCAR drivers competed in the Figure Eight Event to raise money for local community organizations. Each drove a go-kart, with one behind the wheel of the #10 White Whippet, 25 laps at top speed around the numerically-shaped circuit. Can you do a fast figure on the full name of each driver, her go-kart, and the order of finish 1st-4th in the race?

  1. Cindy and Mrs. Anser are both past champions in the event.
  2. Heidi and Mrs. Pordon have both driven competitively in various small-track stock car events around the country.
  3. Mrs. Undretti didn't drive the #77 Red Rocket in the race.
  4. The #1 Crimson Comet lost to Mrs. Getty's go-kart, which placed behind Cindy's Figure Eight vehicle.
  5. Heidi, Wendy, and Mrs. Undretti all three serve as timers in their husbands' race day pit crews.
  6. Kelly finished ahead of Mrs. Anser, whose go-kart beat the #24 Blue Bullet across the finish line.

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