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Logic Puzzle # 18 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
A Day at The Outlets

Neither Mrs. da Silva (clue 2), Mrs. Sullivan (3), nor Mrs. Abernathy (6) spent the least for her husband's gift, so either Mrs. Gorman or Mrs. Wilkinson did. Rhonda isn't Mrs. Gorman or Mrs. Wilkinson (1), so she didn't spend the least on her gift. Teresa (2), Betsy (6), and Grace (7) also didn't spend the smallest sum; Jasmine did. She isn't Mrs. Gorman (5) and must be Mrs. Wilkinson. Since no two women spent the same amount of money (introduction) and since Betsy spent twice as much as the woman who bought her husband "Great Castles of Europe" (6), Betsy isn't Mrs. da Silva, who spent twice as much as the buyer of the smoked salmon (2). Betsy also isn't Mrs. Abernathy (6) or Mrs. Gorman (8) and is thus Mrs. Sullivan. By clue 3, Betsy Sullivan spent twice as much as Jasmine did; and by clue 6, Betsy Sullivan spent twice as much as the wife who purchased the "Castles" book. Therefore, since no two different women spent the same amount, Jasmine must have bought her husband the "Great Castles of Europe." Neither Mrs. da Silva (2) nor Mrs. Abernathy (4) picked the smoked salmon. Since no two spent the same sum and Mrs. Abernathy spent twice as much as Betsy (6), Betsy Sullivan didn't buy the smoked salmon (2). Mrs. Gorman's husband got his favorite fish. Since three different wives are named in each of clues 2 and 6, at least one woman must be common to both clues. The only possibility is that Teresa is Mrs. Abernathy. By clue 1, Rhonda is Mrs. da Silva and Grace Gorman. Teresa Abernathy spent more on her husband's present than Rhonda da Silva and Grace Gorman (2) and more than Betsy Sullivan and Jasmine Wilkinson (6), so she spent the high of $36.00 (9). Betsy Sullivan paid $18.00 and Jasmine Wilkinson $9.00 for their gifts (6). In clue 3, neither Teresa nor Betsy bought the Homestead Grays baseball cap, since that gift cost $30.00, so Rhonda da Silva bought the cap for her spouse. By clue 2, Grace spent $15.00 on the salmon. Betsy chose the Kiss t-shirt and Teresa the golf balls (8). The wives bought their husbands gifts as follows:

  • Teresa Abernathy, Jasper Parnevik golf balls, $36.00
  • Rhonda da Silva, Homestead Grays baseball cap, $30.00
  • Betsy Sullivan, Kiss t-shirt, $18.00
  • Grace Gorman, smoked salmon, $15.00
  • Jasmine Wilkinson, "Great Castles of Europe," $9.00 Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.