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 Logic Puzzle # 18 Logic Problems Help  

A Day at The Outlets
by Randall L. Whipkey

On a recent excursion to the Outlets of Ocean City, five good friends spent the day browsing for bargains, pausing only for a lunch of crab cakes at Phil's Famous Seafood. Just before boarding the bus for home, the five decided gifts for their husbands would be a good idea. Each rushed back to a store she had earlier visited and bought her spouse a present, with one adding a Kiss t-shirt to her pile of packages. Each wife paid a different price, at least 25% off suggested retail, for her "guilt--ha ha" gift. Can you find each shopper's full name, the gift she bought for her husband, and how much she paid for it?

  1. Rhonda, Mrs. Gorman, and Mrs. Wilkinson at first decided to buy underwear at the Hockey outlet but changed their minds.
  2. The smoked salmon cost one woman half as much what Mrs. da Silva bought; Mrs. da Silva's choice cost less than Teresa's.
  3. The woman who bought her husband a Homestead Grays baseball cap spent $12.00 more than Mrs. Sullivan, who paid twice as much for her present as Jasmine did.
  4. When Mrs. Abernathy saw the smoked salmon, she thought it would have made a nice gift for her husband but felt her choice was even better.
  5. Jasmine and Mrs. Gorman visit the Outlets of Ocean City twice a year.
  6. Mrs. Abernathy paid twice as much for her husband's gift as Betsy, whose pick cost twice as much as the coffee table book, "Great Castles of Europe," chosen by one wife.
  7. Grace's present wasn't the least expensive of the five.
  8. Betsy, who isn't Mrs. Gorman, had bought her husband golf balls on an earlier trip to the outlets and recommended the Jasper Parnevik Signature Golf Balls to the woman who bought them for her husband.
  9. The most any paid for her purchase was $36.00--$39.00 off the manufacturer's suggested price of $75.00.

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