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Logic Puzzle # 17 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Town Homes of Sleepy Hollow

By clue 1, Aaron and his wife live between Leah and her husband and the Newhouses; and by clue 6, Dennis and his wife have the town house between those of Jenny and her husband and the Ortons. If Aaron and Dennis were to have adjoining homes, Dennis would have to be Leah's spouse, which he isn't (10), or Dennis would have to be Mr. Newhouse, which he also isn't (12). So, they don't live next door to each other. If Aaron and Dennis were to have homes with one town house between them, then Leah in clue 1 would have to be Mrs. Orton in clue 6--no (10); or Mrs. Newhouse in clue 1 would have to be Jenny in clue 6--no also (4). Therefore, since Aaron and Dennis don't live in end units, they must live with two other houses between them. Aaron and Dennis occupy 3 and 9 Ichabod Lane, or vice versa. In either case, we can continue solving with Aaron and Dennis in the first inside units as relative positions. By clue 1, then, either Leah and her husband or the Newhouses must have 1 or 11 Ichabod Lane; by clue 7, the Newhouses live in the end unit next to Aaron and his wife, and Leah and her husband live next to Aaron on the inside of the row. Similarly, since the Ortons don't have an end unit (2), in clue 6, Jenny and her spouse have the end unit next to Dennis and his wife, with the Ortons then next to Dennis's town house to the inside of the row. The Ortons are thus next-door neighbors to Leah and her husband. By clue 11, Ben and his wife have one of the units between Aaron and Dennis. If Ben were married to Leah, Aaron would have to be Mr. Quinn (11), which he is not (8). So, Ben is Mr. Orton; and by clue 11, Gail is Dennis's wife and Leah is Mrs. Quinn. By clue 13, Heather must be Mrs. Ben Orton, Frank must be Quinn, and Dennis and Gail are the Rubens. Chad is Jenny's husband (12). By elimination, Newhouse is Ed. His wife is Iona (3), and Kari is Aaron's. By clue 9, Kari and Aaron are the Petermans and Jenny and Chad the Marinos. Since Aaron and Jenny Peterman aren't at 9 Ichabod Lane (5), they must be at 3 Ichabod Lane. Then the Newhouses live at 1, the Quinns at 5, the Ortons at 7, Dennis and Gail Ruben at 9, and the Marinos at 11 Ichabod Lane. The six couples bought the Town Homes of Sleepy Hollow at

  • 1 Ichabod Lane, Ed and Iona Newhouse
  • 3 Ichabod Lane, Aaron and Kari Peterman
  • 5 Ichabod Lane, Frank and Leah Quinn
  • 7 Ichabod Lane, Ben and Heather Orton
  • 9 Ichabod Lane, Dennis and Gail Ruben
  • 11 Ichabod Lane, Chad and Jenny Marino Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.