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The Town Homes of Sleepy Hollow
by Randall L. Whipkey

When the first row of six houses was completed at the Town Homes of Sleepy Hollow, Iona and her husband were among the six couples who moved in and became the first residents on newly-paved Ichabod Lane. From the plat information below, can you decide the full names of each couple and the address of the town home they occupy? (Note: the town houses are numbered, from one end unit to the other, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 Ichabod Lane, facing the row from the street.)

  1. Aaron and his wife have the town house between those of Leah and her husband and Mr. & Mrs. Newhouse.
  2. The Ortons aren't in one of the row's end units.
  3. Ed and his wife and Kari and her husband had lived at Cedar Valley Apartments before buying town homes.
  4. Jenny and Mrs. Newhouse celebrated their new homes by planting trees in the community's common land.
  5. The Petermans don't live at 9 Ichabod Lane.
  6. Dennis and his wife own the town house between those of Jenny and her husband and Mr. & Mrs. Orton.
  7. Leah and her husband don't have 1 or 11 Ichabod Lane as their new address.
  8. Aaron and Mr. Quinn are on the new Town Homes of Sleepy Hollow Community Association board of directors.
  9. Kari and Mrs. Marino organized a get-acquainted dinner for the six couples.
  10. Leah, who isn't Mrs. Orton, and Dennis's spouse chose red brick for the facing of their town houses.
  11. Ben and his wife bought the town home between those of Gail and her husband and the Quinns.
  12. Chad and Dennis join Mr. Newhouse in helping maintain the Town Homes of Sleepy Hollow tot lot.
  13. Heather and her husband have the town house between those of Frank and his wife and Mr. & Mrs. Ruben.

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