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Logic Puzzle # 16 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Pizza at 10, News at 11

The five pizza snackers are named in clue 4: Isaac, Jason, Cronkite, the director, and the one who ordered onions & green peppers. Since Linda didn't order onions & green peppers (1) and isn't Cronkite (11), Linda must be the director in clue 4. Neither Jennings (1) nor Rather (11) is Linda. Neither Jennings (12) nor Rather (10) ordered the onions & green peppers. In clue 4, therefore, Jennings and Rather are Isaac and Jason or vice versa. By clue 9, then, Brokaw isn't the director and must be the one who ordered onions & green peppers. By elimination, Linda is Huntley. Kendra is Cronkite and Monica Brokaw (9). Neither director Linda (2), Rather (10), or Jennings (12) had the bacon cheeseburger, so Kendra did. Neither Monica Brokaw, Rather (3), nor Kendra Cronkite (13) is the sound engineer, so Jennings is. Jennings is then Isaac and Jason Rather (13). Neither Monica (5) nor Kendra Cronkite (14) is the associate producer, so Jason is. By clue 7, Monica is the camera operator and Kendra the news anchor. Neither director Linda Huntley (6) nor asscoiate producer Jason Rather (14) wanted mushrooms, so Isaac did. By clue 8, Linda ordered sausage on her pizza and Jason ordered pepperoni. The five pre-"News 11 at 11" pizza orders were

  • Monica Brokaw, camera operator, onions & green peppers
  • Kendra Cronkite, news anchor, bacon cheeseburger
  • Linda Huntley, director, sausage
  • Isaac Jennings, sound engineer, mushrooms
  • Jason Rather, associate producer, pepperoni Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.