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Pizza at 10, News at 11
by Randall L. Whipkey

As part of his duties at WSUM-TV, intern Brett Brinkley picks up pre-"News 11 at 11" snacks for staff members. Yesterday, Brett's trip took him to Perri's Pizzeria for five individual pizzas, one with pepperoni, for the news anchor and four other EyeWitness News team members. From the "menu" below, can you determine the full name and staff position of each snacker and the topping(s) on his or her pizza?

  1. Linda, who isn't Jennings, isn't the station staffer who ordered onions & green peppers.
  2. The "News 11 at 11" director didn't have the bacon cheeseburger pizza.
  3. Neither Brokaw nor Rather is the WSUM-TV sound engineer.
  4. The five EyeWitness News members who ordered pizzas are Isaac, Jason, Cronkite, the director, and the one who had onions & green peppers.
  5. Monica gave her order and that of the associate producer to Brett.
  6. Huntley's pizza wasn't the one with mushrooms.
  7. Kendra and the camera operator ended up exchanging pieces of their pizzas with each other.
  8. The sausage pizza wasn't the one the associate producer ordered.
  9. Brokaw, who isn't Kendra, and the director prefer deli sandwiches for pre-news snack but decided on pizzas for a change.
  10. Rather got neither the bacon cheeseburger nor the onions & green peppers pizza.
  11. Linda and fellow staffers Cronkite and Rather started the pre-show ritual five years ago.
  12. Neither the onions & green peppers nor the bacon cheeseburger pizza was for Jennings.
  13. Neither Kendra nor Jason is the sound engineer.
  14. The associate producer, who isn't Cronkite, isn't the one who ordered the mushroom pizza.

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