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Logic Puzzle # 15 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
New Hires

By clue 1, no two seniors were at the same recruiter at the same time. Also by clue 1, each accepted a job from an interview at a different time of the five. By clue 6, neither Chad nor Brandy is the Business major, so they are three of the five new hires. Rossovich isn't Chad (2), Brandy, or the Business major (16), so Rossovich is the fourth new hire. Erica isn't the Business major (10). Erica interviewed at Candle Labs at 12:00 (15). She thus isn't Rossovich, who visited Candle Labs later than Chad (2); Erica is the fifth new hire. By clue 3, Brandy interviewed with Huge Aerospace at 2:00. Rossovich talked to Macrosoft at 3:00 (7). Brandy didn't talk to the National Intelligence Agency at 4:00 (14). By clue 2, Chad interviewed with the NIA one hour after Rossovich did. Since Rossovich was at Macrosoft at 3:00, Chad didn't talk to the NIA at 4:00. Erica also didn't interview with the National Intelligence Agency at 4:00 (10). Therefore, the Business major was at the NIA booth for the 4:00 interview. Then Erica talked to the NIA at 3:00 (10). By clue 2, Chad's interview with Candle Labs was an hour before Rossovich's. If Chad had had the 3:00 and Rossovich the 4:00 interview, since the Computer Science major visited the Candle booth at 1:00 (12), the 2:00 Candle Labs interview would have been the Business major's--no (8). Since Rossovich was at Macrosoft at 3:00, in clue 2, Chad would have interviewed with Candle Labs at 1:00 and Rossovich at 2:00. Chad is then the Computer Science major (12). Since the Business major interviewed with NIA at 4:00, he/she had to have been at the Candle Labs booth at 3:00 and Brandy there at 4:00. By clue 2, Chad was at the National Intelligence Agency booth one hour after Rossovich. The only possibility is that Chad interviewed with the NIA at 2:00 and Rossovich with the NIA at 1:00. The Business major's 2:00 wasn't with Dash T-Comm (8), so Erica's 2:00 was; the Business major met with Macrosoft's recruiters at that time. By clue 4, Dan was hired by his 2:00, which wasn't Macrosoft. So, Dan is Rossovich and was hired by Candle Labs. By elimination, the Business major is Alan. By clue 17, neither Brandy nor Dan is the Electrical Engineering major; Erica is. Since the Physics major was hired by Macrosoft (9), the Physics major isn't Candle Labs hiree Dan. Brandy majored in Physics and Dan in Mathematics. Since Dan didn't have his Huge Aero interview at 12:00 (11), he had it at 4:00 and met with Dash T-Comm human resources at 12:00. Brandy was hired by Macrosoft (9). Since Mr. Saunders was hired by his 12:00 interviewer (13), Brandy met with Macrosoft at 1:00. Chad met with Macrosoft at 12:00 and Erica at 4:00. By elimination, Erica's 1:00 was with Huge Aerospace. Then Alan's 1:00 was with Dash T-Comm and his 12:00 with Huge. Brandy met at 12:00 with the NIA and then at 3:00 with Dash T-Comm. By elimination, Chad interviewed with Huge Aero at 3:00 and with Dash T-Comm at 4:00. Chad couldn't have been hired at 12:00, since Brandy was Macrosoft's hiree, so he isn't Mr. Saunders in clue 13. Alan is and was hired at 12:00 by Huge Aerospace. Then Chad was hired by Dash T-Comm, his 4:00 appointment; and Erica's 3:00 with the National Intelligence Agency resulted in a job for her. Neither Chad (5) nor Brandy (9) is Queen, so Erica is. Brandy is Tobin and Chad Perez (5). In sum, each new hire's interview schedule is as follows, in order from 12:00-4:00 with the new employer of each in parentheses:

  • Alan Saunders, Business--(Huge Aerospace), Dash T-Comm, Macrosoft, Candle Labs, National Intelligence Agency
  • Brandy Tobin, Physics--National Intelligence Agency, (Macrosoft), Huge Aerospace, Dash T-Comm, Candle Labs
  • Chad Perez, Computer Science--Macrosoft, Candle Labs, National Intelligence Agency, Huge Aerospace, (Dash T-Comm)
  • Dan Rossovic, Mathematics--Dash T-Comm, National Intelligence Agency, (Candle Labs), Macrosoft, Huge Aerospace
  • Erica Queen, Elecrical Engineering--Candle Labs, Huge Aerospace, Dash T-Comm, (National Intelligence Agency), Macrosoft Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.