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New Hires
by Randall L. Whipkey

At last month's Summerset State University Human Resources Expo, Alan and the four other seniors who reside in Humbert Hall each interviewed with the same five recruiting organizations; each senior later accepted a job offer from a different one of the five. Each new hire, including Perez, has a different college major, one being a Mathematician. From the job fair data below, can you determine each senior's full name and college major, at which time (12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00) he or she interviewed with each of the five organizations, and with which he or she will be working after graduation?

  1. No two seniors were at the same interview at the same time. Each ended up accepting a job from an interview conducted at a different one of the five times.
  2. Chad interviewed with the National Intelligence Agency one hour after Rossovich and with Candle Labs one hour before Rossovich.
  3. Brandy's interview with Huge Aerospace was at 2:00.
  4. Dan was hired by his 2:00 appointment, which wasn't Macrosoft.
  5. Neither Queen nor Tobin is the senior who accepted a position with Dash T-Comm.
  6. Neither Brandy nor Chad is the Business major.
  7. Rossovich met with Macrosoft human resources at 3:00.
  8. The Business major's 2:00 was with neither Dash T-Comm nor Candle Labs.
  9. The Physics major, who isn't Queen, accepted Macrosoft's job offer.
  10. Erica spoke to the National Intelligence Agency recruiters one hour before the Business major did.
  11. Rossovich's interview with Huge Aerospace wasn't at 12:00.
  12. The Computer Science major spoke to Candle Labs at 1:00.
  13. Mr. Saunders accepted a job from his 12:00 appointment.
  14. Brandy's 4:00 interview wasn't the National Intelligence Agency one.
  15. Erica's first interview was with Candle Labs.
  16. Brandy and Rossovich, who isn't the Business major, have worked for their hiring organizations as summer interns.
  17. The Electrical Engineering major, who isn't Brandy or Dan, is happy to have gotten a job in her home town.

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