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Logic Puzzle # 14 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The First Cookout of the Summer

By clue 1, three of the cookout friends are Ben, the person who brought the hot dogs, and the one who made the baked beans. The person who brought the cole slaw isn't the one who brought the hot dogs (4) or Ben (6) and is thus the fourth friend. Erica didn't bring the cole slaw (6), hot dogs (8), or baked beans (11); she is the fifth cookout friend. Since Alexis brought the farm sausage (2), either Carol or David supplied the hot dogs. Then the hot dogs didn't come with the vegetable platter (3). The person who brought the foot-longs also didn't make the pickled eggs (4). The hot dog person also brought the macaroni salad. Carol didn't bring the macaroni salad (9), so David did. Since Alexis brought sausage with either baked beans or cole slaw, the sausage didn't come with pickled eggs; nor did the shrimp (5) or ribeye steaks (10). The pickled eggs were brought with the hamburgers--by Ben rather than Erica (8). Erica brought the vegetable platter. Since Carol didn't bring the steaks (7), Erica did. Carol brought shrimp, with cole slaw (5). Alexis accompanied her sausage with baked beans. The five friends supplied the first cookout of the summer with

  • Alexis, sausage & baked beans
  • Ben, hamburgers & pickled eggs
  • Carol, shrimp & cole slaw
  • David, hot dogs & macaroni salad
  • Erica, ribeye steaks & vegetable platter Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.