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 Logic Puzzle # 14 Logic Problems Help  

The First Cookout of the Summer
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last weekend, with the onset of warm weather, five friends who live at Timberland Apartments got together for their first cookout of the summer of 2000. Each brought a different grilling and a different side dish favorite to share with the others and their guests. From the clues that follow, you should be able to decide who brought what to the "barbie."

  1. Ben, the person who brought the foot-long hot dogs, and the one who made the baked beans all three live at 3165 New Country Road.
  2. Alexis brought sausage from her family's farm in Pennsylvania.
  3. Neither Carol nor David is the friend who put together a vegetable platter for the cookout.
  4. The person who brought the hot dogs didn't also bring the cole slaw or the pickled eggs.
  5. The friend who brought the shrimp for the "barbie" didn't bring the baked beans or pickled eggs.
  6. Neither Ben nor Erica furnished the cole slaw.
  7. Carol enjoyed the ribeye steak that one of the others brought.
  8. Erica didn't bring the hot dogs or hamburgers.
  9. Carol got the recipe for the macaroni salad from the person who brought it: "Go to the Hickory Ridge Shopping Center, go into Mo's Deli, go up to the counter ..."
  10. The person who furnished the ribeye steaks didn't bring the pickled eggs to the cookout.
  11. Erica isn't the one who made the baked beans.

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