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Logic Puzzle # 13 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"North Park": Who Does in Denny?

Neither Stan Mallow (clue 2), Eric Cartfun (3), nor Cook does in Denny on Friday's "North Park," so either Mr. Harrassin or Kyle Kablobski does. By clue 5, neither Cook nor the character who pushes Denny into the pool is Tuesday's Denny doer-inner, so Cook does in Denny on Wednesday or Thursday and Denny is then electrocuted on Thursday or Friday respectively. Since neither Mr. Harrassin nor Kyle Kablobski pushes Denny into the pool (7), Denny is done in by Cook on Wednesday and in the pool on Thursday. By clue 2, Stan Mallow does in Denny the evening before he falls off the roof onto the unpadded driveway--which isn't Wednesday. So, Stan Mallow does in Denny on Monday or Thursday. If Stan does in Denny on Monday, by clue 3, Eric Cartfun is Tuesday's Denny doer-inner by moving the mattress--no (6). Therefore, Stan Mallow does in Denny on Thursday, and Denny is done in practicing his pro wrestling falls on Friday. If Eric Cartfun does in Denny on Monday, then on Tuesday Denny would be done in by sliding down Washington's nose at Mr. Harrassin's or Kyle Kablobski's urging (3), contradicting clue 7. So, Eric Cartfun undoes Denny on Tuesday's program, and Cook sends him off Mt. Rushmore. By clue 4, Denny is done in in the tree house on Tuesday and by the Venus's-flytrap on Monday. Finally, Kyle Kablobski is Friday's and Mr. Harrassin's Monday's featured Denny doer-inner (1). In order, then, Denny gets done in on

  • Monday, by Mr. Harrassin and the Venus's-flytrap
  • Tuesday, by Eric Cartfun in the tree house
  • Wednesday, by Cook at Mt. Rushmore
  • Thursday, by Stan Mallow in the swimming pool
  • Friday, by Kyle Kablobski on the driveway Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.