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"North Park": Who Does in Denny?
by Randall L. Whipkey

During each of this week's episodes of the irreverent television hit "North Park," the overprivileged adolescent Denny gets done in, as usual. What's unusual this week is that Denny gets done in by one of the other main characters in the program--one evening when one character's overzealous overfeeding of the classroom's Venus's-flytrap results in Denny being dinner. From the clues below, can you decide by whom and how Denny gets done in each evening Monday-Friday?

  1. Kyle Kablobski's dastardly doing in isn't on Monday's show.
  2. Stan Mallow does in Denny the evening before one character puts the mattress in Denny's driveway back into the garage--just before Denny practices a pro wrestling fall from the garage roof. The wrestling episode isn't on Wednesday.
  3. The show in which Eric Cartfun does in Denny isn't on Thursday but is on one evening before the episode in which Denny is done in because, while the North Park School is on a field trip to Mt. Rushmore, one character jokingly tells him George Washington's nose is a big slide--and Denny goes for a ride.
  4. The episode in which one character does in Denny by chain sawing down an oak tree while Denny is asleep in the tree house in it is not on Monday.
  5. Cook does in Denny the evening before another character playfully pushes Denny into the swimming pool during a party--while Denny is playing his electric guitar in the band entertaining the guests. Neither of these shows is on Tuesday.
  6. Eric Cartfun isn't the one who pulls the mattress out from under Denny, but he does find his flattened form on the driveway and yells, "Oh my goodness, some bad person did in Denny!"
  7. Neither Mr. Harrassin nor Kyle Kablobski does in Denny by pushing him into the pool or tricking him into sliding off the side of Mt. Rushmore.

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