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Logic Puzzle # 12 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Double-Dip Mix-Up

By clue 4, three of the friends are Cassie, the one who ordered and got Chocolate, and the one who ordered French Vanilla but didn't get it. Cassie did not get a scoop of French Vanilla (1), nor did the person who got the Chocolate (8). So, the friend who ended up eating the French Vanilla is the fourth person to the three in clue 4. Bo did not get the dip of Chocolate (2) and neither ordered nor ate the French Vanilla (10); he is the fifth friend to the four named. Tina got Black Cherry by mistake (3). Since she didn't order French Vanilla (12) (and didn't get it by mistake), Tina had to have ordered and got Chocolate with the Black Cherry. By clue 5, the friend who ordered and got Peanut Butter Cup as one scoop also got Dreamsicle in error. The person isn't Bo (5) and can't be Cassie, who ordered Dreamsicle (9) (and thus did not get it) and must be the one who ordered but didn't get French Vanilla. By clue 9, the one who got Mint Chocolate Chip by mistake wasn't Cassie and was therefore Bo. Since one of Keri's ordered scoops was Rocky Road (6), she must be the one who got French Vanilla in error. If Keri had ordered but not gotten the scoop of Rocky Road, Cassie would have gotten the Rocky Road--which she did not (1). So Keri ordered and got the scoop of Rocky Road. By elimination, Dylan ordered the Peanut Butter Cup. Since neither Bo nor Cassie ordered Butter Pecan (7), it has to be one of the flavors ordered but not gotten, by Tina or Keri, and must be the second scoop Cassie got by mistake. Tina didn't order the Mint Chocolate Chip (12) Bo got by mistake, so Keri did. Since Tina got the Black Cherry, Bo ordered it; by elimination, Tina ordered Butter Pecan. By clue 11, Bo didn't order Butterscotch Ripple, so Cassie did; and Bo picked and got Strawberry. In summary, the five friends ordered and got their double-dip cones as follows:

  • Bo, Strawberry & Black Cherry, Strawberry & Mint Chocloate Chip
  • Cassie, Butterscotch Ripple & Dreamsicle, Butterscotch Ripple & Butter Pecan
  • Dylan, Peanut Butter Cup & French Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup & Dreamsicle
  • Keri, Rocky Road & Mint Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road & French Vanilla
  • Tina, Chocolate & Butter Pecan, Chocolate & Black Cherry Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.