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 Logic Puzzle # 12 Logic Problems Help  

Double-Dip Mix-Up
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Saturday, Dylan and four friends stopped for an afternoon treat at Hoffman's Homemade Ice Cream. Each of the five ordered a double-dip cone of two different flavors; no two ordered the same flavor ice cream, and one of the ten dips picked was Strawberry. Unfortunately, Hoffman's was very busy, and when the cones came, each friend had only one of the two flavors he or she had ordered; the second scoop was one of the other's choices. Fortunately, though,everyone liked what he or she got and ate the cone anyway. Can you find what two flavors each ordered and what two each got, given the clues that follow?

  1. Cassie did not have French Vanilla or Rocky Road on the cone she got.
  2. Bo did not have Chocolate on the cone he got.
  3. Tina liked the scoop of Black Cherry she got by mistake.
  4. Cassie, the friend who ordered and got a dip of Chocolate, and the one who ordered French Vanilla but didn't get it all three chose sugar cones for their ice cream.
  5. The one who ordered and got Peanut Butter Cup, who isn't Bo, also got Dreamsicle in error.
  6. One of the flavors Keri ordered was Rocky Road.
  7. Neither Bo nor Cassie is the one who ordered the Butter Pecan.
  8. The French Vanilla and the Chocolate scoops ended up on two different cones.
  9. Cassie ordered Dreamsicle as one of her flavors; she isn't the one who got Mint Chocolate Chip by mistake.
  10. Bo neither ordered nor received French Vanilla.
  11. The one who ordered Black Cherry didn't order Butterscotch Ripple as a second scoop.
  12. Tina didn't order the French Vanilla or the Mint Chocolate Chip.

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