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Logic Puzzle # 11 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Pete Vs. the Puzzles

From the introduction, Pete spent a total of two hours working on the puzzles. By clue 2, Pete spent 60 mins. total at the 2nd-4th web sites and therefore 60 mins. between the 1st and 5th web sites; also by clue 2, no two puzzles took the same amount of time to solve. By clue 6, the longest amount of time Pete spent on any single puzzle was 45 mins. In clue 3, three of the web sites are listed in order: the one at which Pete spent 10 mins., the one where he did the Word Math, and the 10 mins. site was the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Pete visited. If it had been 1st, by clue 2, the last site visited would have been for 50 mins.--more than the 45 mins. maximum (6). If Pete were at the 3rd web site for the 10 mins., the Word Math site and would then be the 4th and 5th visited (3). If the Word Math were at, by clue 5, it would have taken 25 mins. to complete. However, by clue 2, since the 2nd-4th sites took an hour total, the 2nd site would also have required 25 mins. for Pete to solve the puzzle tried--a conflict with the clue 2 fact that no two sites took the same time. By clue 5, the puzzle couldn't have taken the 10 mins. So, the Pete would have visited 2nd. Pete then couldn't have been at the 1st site for the maximum 45 mins. or he would have been at for 60 (5). Pete couldn't have been at for the 45 mins.--if he had, he would have been at the 1st site 30 mins., sites 2-4 60 mins. (2), and the 5th site then also 30 mins., contradicting clue 2. Pete couldn't have been at the Word Math site for 45 mins. or he would have been at for 5 mins. (2)--impossible (5). So, Pete would have been at the 5th web site 45 mins. and at the 1st 15 mins. (the 1st and 5th sites totalled 60 mins. by clue 2). He would have then spent 30 mins. on the Crossword (1) and at (5), which would have to be the same site--no (7). Therefore, there is no way for Pete to have spent the 10 mins. at the 3rd web site. He was there 2nd, solved the Word math 3rd, and visited web site 4th. can't be the 1st or 2nd web site visited (5). If it were 3rd, then it would have taken Pete 25 mins. to do the Word Math there (5). But, by clue 2, it also would have taken Pete 25 mins. at the 4th site--by clue 2, a conflict. So, Pete did the puzzle 5th. That puzzle wasn't the Crossword (7). The Crossword also wasn't the 1st puzzle done (1). If the Crossword had been the 2nd and had taken 10 mins., then the 1st puzzle would have taken 5 mins. (1) and the 5th one 55 mins., contradicting clue 6. So, the Crossword was solved at the 4th web site, The site at which Pete spent the 45 mins. isn't the 1st (1). It can't be the Word Math site, or the Crossword would have taken 5 mins. (2), impossible (1, 6). It also isn't the Crossword site, or the solution would have taken longer (5). The solution of the work took 45 mins. Then the Crossword took 30 mins. (5), the Word Math 20 (2), and the 1st one 15 (1). By clue 4, the 1st site Pete visited was, and the Cryptogram was at the 2nd. The Cryptogram was at and the Word Math at (4). Pete solved the Word Search 1st and the Acrostic took the 45 mins. (6). Pete thus took the following times to solve the five puzzles in order

  •, Word Search, 15 mins.
  •, Cryptogram, 10 mins.
  •, Word Math, 20 mins.
  •, Crossword, 30 mins.
  •, Acrostic, 45 mins. Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.