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 Logic Puzzle # 11 Logic Problems Help  

Pete Vs. the Puzzles
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last night, in a two-hour period, Pete Puzzleman solved an on-line puzzle at and four other web sites. At each site, Pete tried a different kind of puzzle, solving an Acrostic at one. Given the data below, you should be able to decide the order in which Pete logged onto the web sites, the puzzle he solved at each, and the amount of time he spent solving each puzzle.

  1. Pete spent twice as much time during the two hours working on the Crossword as he did solving the puzzle at the first web site he visited.
  2. Pete spent a total of one hour at the second through fourth pages he visited; he spent a different amount of time at each of the five sites.
  3. In consecutive order, first-to-last, Pete worked on these three puzzles: the one that took him 10 mins. to solve, the Word Math puzzle, and the puzzle at
  4. Pete visited immediately before going to the Cryptogram web site, which isn't
  5. The solution of the puzzle at took 15 mins. longer than the one at the web site Pete visited immediately before
  6. The longest time spent on any puzzle--which wasn't spent on the Word Search--was 45 mins.
  7. The puzzle Pete solved at wasn't a Crossword.

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