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Apprentice Bakers
by Randall L. Whipkey

Yesterday, the five apprentice bakers at Cozy Valley Bakery had a collective bad day: each of the five, including Fields, made a mistake that wreaked havoc with the baked goods. Fortunately, the errors occurred early, at 15 minute intervals beginning at 5:00 a.m., so the master bakers were able to reproduce the day's baked goods in time for the store's opening. Can you deduce the full name of each apprentice, the baking "booboo" he or she made, and the time the mistake was made?

  1. Jeff, Luanne, and fellow apprentice Wonder are in their first month with Cozy Valley Bakery.
  2. Isaac made his mistake immediately after one apprentice forgot to put yeast into the Italian bread dough.
  3. Kara and Crocker usually check each other's work but were too busy yesterday.
  4. Schmidt made a serious mistake 15 minutes before one apprentice forgot to fill the cherry Danish with cherries.
  5. The one who added salt instead of sugar to the doughnuts erred earlier in the morning than Mike did.
  6. Jeff isn't the one who was on bread-baking duty yesterday.
  7. In consecutive order, first-to-last, these three mistakes were made: apprentice Wonder blundered, "Birthday" was mis-iced as "Brithday" on three cakes, and Kara erred.
  8. Keebler isn't the one who ruined the cherry Danish.
  9. Jeff made a mistake 15 min. ahead of Crocker.
  10. Isaac isn't the one who misspelled "Birthday."
  11. The apprentice who baked the chocolate chip cookies to rock hardness isn't Wonder.

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