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The Easter Egg Hunt
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Saturday, the Summerset Exchange Club held its annual Easter Egg Hunt for local children at Miller's Picnic Grove. Five different children were lucky enough to find gold eggs and win big Easter baskets filled with treats by the Bunny himself. Given the clues below, you should be able to deduce each gold egg finder's full name and where his or her prize-winning egg was hidden (one winner found an egg in a hollow stump).

  1. Mrs. West took both her prize-winning child and Alexis to the Hunt.
  2. Damian and the Valdez child are the only 1st graders among the basket winners.
  3. Chip was first to find a gold egg, the West child was second, and the one who found the prize winner in the branches of a pine tree was third.
  4. The winner who found a gold egg under the leg of a picnic table won a basket immediately ahead of the Young child.
  5. Neither Alexis nor the Thaxton child was the fourth one to find a gold egg.
  6. The Valdez child, who didn't win the last Easter basket given away, isn't the one who found the egg in the pine.
  7. The Ulman child's prize-winner wasn't the egg hidden in the old bird's nest.
  8. Brook, who isn't the Thaxton child, found the fifth and final gold egg.
  9. Erica isn't the winner whose egg was hidden under the picnic table.
  10. The gold egg hidden in the bird's nest wasn't the one Chip found.
  11. The Thaxton child isn't the basket winner who found the gold egg hidden in the barbecue pit.

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