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Logic Puzzle # 8 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Galactic Chamber of Commerce

By clue 4, three of the G. C. of C. officers are the one elected Prime, Beldama Malika, and the being from Xanthone. By clue 8, the being from New Airth isn't the new Prime; and, by clue 10, the New Airth citizen isn't Beldama Malika. So, the being from New Airth is the fourth officer to the three in clue 4. JRAZ-351 isn't from Xanthone (1) or New Airth (6) and isn't the G. C. of C.'s Prime (9), so JRAZ-351 is the fifth officer to the four already named. Neither JRAZ-351 (1) nor Prime (8) is the citizen of The Freehold, so Beldama Malika is. Neither JRAZ-351, the being from New Airth (6), nor Beldama Malika (10) was chosen Transpondant, so the Xanthone delegate was. The new CreditMaster isn't Beldama Malika (2) or JRAZ-351 (9) and is thus the denizen from planet New Airth. By clue 5, then, the citizen from The Freehold is 2Prime and JRAZ-351 3Prime. Neither 'at'a" (2) nor Tib Bih Ht (3) is the CreditMaster from New Airth, so Sinbad Smith is. Then 3Prime is from planet Qya-Qya and Prime from OmicronV (5). By clue 7, the OmicronV citizen is Tib Bih Ht and 'at'a" is from the world Xanthone. The newly-elected Galactic Chamber of Commerce officers are

  • Prime Tib Bih Ht, OmicronV
  • 2Prime Beldama Malika, The Freehold
  • 3Prime JRAZ-351, Qya-Qya
  • Transpondant 'at'a", Xanthone
  • CreditMaster Sinbad Smith, New Airth Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.