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 Logic Puzzle # 8 Logic Problems Help  

The Galactic Chamber of Commerce
by Randall L. Whipkey

At the Galactic Chamber of Commerce's last meeting of the 21st century, Sinbad Smith and four other beings from different planets--one being from the ice world Qya-Qya--were elected as officers to lead the Milky Way's interplanetary business organization into the new millenium. Given the clues below, can you transact who was elected to each post (Prime, 2Prime, 3Prime, Transpondant, CreditMaster) and the planet from which he, she, or it comes?

  1. JRAZ-351 isn't the being from the water world Xanthone or the one from the traders' planet The Freehold.
  2. Neither the two-headed Beldama Malika nor the appendageless 'at'a" is the being elected CreditMaster.
  3. The birdlike Tib Bih Ht isn't the officer from the hundred-mooned New Airth.
  4. Neither Beldama Malika nor the citizen of Xanthone was elected Prime, head of the G. C. of C.
  5. The being elected 3Prime isn't from The Freehold or from the medieval world of OmicronV.
  6. Neither the robotic JRAZ-351 nor the being from New Airth is the delegate elected Transpondant.
  7. 'at'a"'s home planet isn't OmicronV.
  8. Prime isn't from New Airth or The Freehold.
  9. JRAZ-351 wasn't chosen as Prime or as CreditMaster.
  10. Beldama Malika, who isn't the citizen of beautiful New Airth, isn't the new Transpondant.

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