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 Logic Puzzle # 6 Logic Problems Help  

Friends Helping Friends
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Saturday, four neighbor boys found that work goes more quickly when friends help friends: each of the four had found a job one of the neighborhood adults, including Mrs. Wilson, needed done, and the four worked together to make fast work of the chores, one of which was cleaning a car. Given the following clues, you should be able to decide which job each found and for whom the work was done.

  1. Three of the friends are Alex, the one who found the job mowing the lawn, and the one who got the job from Mr. Halley.
  2. Mr. Trent didn't have the job staining the backyard fence.
  3. Alex didn't locate the window-washing job.
  4. Jason isn't the boy who got the chore from Mr. Trent.
  5. Mrs. Diaz didn't have the job washing windows; Chad isn't the friend who found the window-washing task.
  6. Mr. Halley didn't employ the boys as window washers.
  7. Chad isn't the boy who found the lawn-mowing job.
  8. Mrs. Diaz isn't the adult who gave Alex a job.
  9. The chore Ian negotiated wasn't washing windows.

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