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Donkey Derby
by Randall L. Whipkey

At Ocean City Middle School's recent First Robin of Spring Festival, Mrs. Desantis and four other teachers proved they were good sports by riding donkeys in the Teacher-Student Donkey Derby. Each of the teachers, including the art teacher, had a student ride behind him or her. Can you determine the donkey each "jockey" rode, the subject he or she teaches at the school, the full name of the student "passenger" (one surname is Newman) sharing the saddle, and the order of finish in the race?

  1. The math teacher didn't ride Tut and didn't have Jennifer as passenger.
  2. Ian and the Petrovich child are 6th graders at O. C. M. S.
  3. Mr. Burns urged his donkey across the finish line immediately ahead of the English teacher's "steed," while the latter placed ahead of Tut and his riders.
  4. Mr. Aguilera and the teacher who rode Randy Rocket were in their second Donkey Derby.
  5. The donkey with student Greg on its back placed one position in front of Sweetie and her passengers.
  6. The Lassiter child's mount wasn't Randy Rocket.
  7. Mr. Burns isn't the teacher who had the Osgood child riding along.
  8. The donkey with Jennifer as passenger placed behind Banzai Billy in the final standings; Banzai Billy was one place behind Miss Epstein's donkey across the finish line.
  9. Felicity didn't ride with the phys. ed. teacher.
  10. The Petrovich child's donkey lost to the one ridden by the social studies teacher but defeated the animal with Heather as passenger.
  11. Lulu finished immediately ahead of the donkey with the Munoz child on it; the Munoz child didn't ride with the math teacher.
  12. Mrs. Cuomo drove her donkey to finish one place ahead of the donkey with the Osgood child as rider; the latter bested the math teacher's donkey in the overall standings.
  13. Miss Epstein didn't draw Tut as her Derby mount.
  14. Mr. Burns didn't have Banzai Billy as his "thoroughbred."
  15. The Munoz child didn't share a donkey with Mrs. Cuomo.

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