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Transylvania Games
by Randall L. Whipkey

At last year's Transylvania Games, Lughosti was one of the five winners of gold medals in the 400-year-old annual events, one of which is the deep bite challenge. From the results below, you should be able to determine the first (of Anya, Bela, Bram, Signe, and Vlad) and last names of each Transylvania Game event winner.

  1. Bela and de Rood also won bronze medals in the Games; bronze is for 2nd place, as silver isn't a favorite among Transylvanians.
  2. Anya competed but lost in the blood drinking (not real blood, not in the modern Games) and speed stake driving events.
  3. Ricce was defending champion in the bat-wing flap but did not repeat as title holder.
  4. Bela and Stokka blamed their non-winning effort in the coffin carry on their "bad backs."
  5. Anya and fellow winners Ricce and Stokka were pleased when their names were inscribed on the Dracul Cup as champions.
  6. Neither Bram nor de Rood was able to flap fast enough to win the gold in the bat-wing flap.
  7. LeStrange copped a copper medal for placing 3rd in the blood drinking.
  8. Signe, whose victory didn't come in the blood drinking event, and Ricce plan to defend their respective titles.
  9. De Rood's gold didn't come in the coffin carry.
  10. Bram, who isn't Ricce, didn't win the coffin carry either.
  11. Stokka, who isn't Bram, didn't take off fast enough to triumph in the bat-wing flap.

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