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Logic Puzzle # 3 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Pokeyman Card Swap

By clue 12, no two boys ended up simply exchanging cards. By clue 6, four of the traders are Jamie, the Ruiz boy, and the ones who started with and ended up with DragonEarth and Mynx. By clue 10, the boy who finished with Change never had Mynx at all, so he isn't Jamie or Ruiz and didn't have Mynx to start. If the one who acquired Change were the fifth boy to the four in clue 6, then the boys who started with DragonEarth and Mynx would have simply exchanged cards, since Jamie and Ruiz did not finish with those two cards--but that contradicts clue 12. So, the boy who ended up with Change started with DragonEarth. Then the one who finished with Mynx would have to be the fifth trader to the four in clue 6, and the boy who started with Mynx ended up with DragonEarth. The boy who finished with Mynx didn't start with Change, or Jamie and Ruiz would have simply exchanged cards. Therefore, since the Carpenter boy got Ben's card through the trading (2) and since Ben isn't Ruiz (4) and Carpenter isn't Jamie (9), Ben started with DragonEarth or with Mynx. If Ben had started with Mynx and Carpenter ended with that Pokeyman card, by clue 1, Damon would have traded away DragonEarth and gotten Change. Then by clue 7, Holman would be Ben--no (4). Therefore, Ben started the trading with DragonEarth and acquired Change, while Carpenter got DragonEarth and gave away Mynx. By clue 7, the Holman boy got Damon's double. Damon isn't Ruiz (1). If he had gotten Mynx in the trading, Holman would have to be Jamie. But there is no way for Westbrook to have gotten Berger's card (8) with this arrangement. Damon is Carpenter, and the Holman boy went home with Mynx. Ruiz got Prof. Pine or Burst of Energy and thus can't be Thad (3), who is Holman; Ruiz is Michael. Since Westbrook ended up with Berger's card (8), Ben must be Westbrook and Jamie Berger. Jamie Berger did not get Prof. Pine (5), so Michael did; and Jamie finished with Burst of Energy. Since Michael didn't have Change at the beginning (11), he must have had Burst of Energy. By clue 12, finally, Jamie started with Change and Thad Holman with Prof. Pine. The boys therefore started with and ended up with Pokeyman cards as follows:

  • Ben Westbrook, DragonEarth - Change
  • Damon Carpenter, Mynx - DragonEarth
  • Jamie Berger, Change - Burst of Energy
  • Michael Ruiz, Burst of Energy - Prof. Pine
  • Thad Holman, Prof. Pine - Mynx Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.