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Pokeyman Card Swap
by Randall L. Whipkey

Five young collectors of Pokeyman cards, the latest craze in elementary schools across America, recently held a trading session in which each exchanged one of his doubles for a card he didn't have. The swapping back-and-forth among the boys lasted several rounds before the trading was finalized. From the clues below, you should be able to solve this Logic Puzzle by finding each boy's full name, the Pokeyman card he started with, and the card he took home with him from the bartering.

  1. Damon, who isn't the Ruiz boy, isn't the one who ended up with Mynx.
  2. After the trading, Carpenter took home Ben's double.
  3. Thad didn't acquire either Prof. Pine or Burst of Energy from the trading.
  4. Ben, Holman, and Ruiz conducted a post-trade analysis when they walked home from school together.
  5. The Berger boy didn't end up with Prof. Pine.
  6. At one point during the swapping of cards, Jamie traded DragonEarth to Ruiz for Mynx; neither boy brought either of those two cards to the trading table and neither boy took either of those two cards home with him.
  7. Holman ended up with the card Damon brought to trade.
  8. Berger's double ended up in Westbrook's collection.
  9. Jamie and the Carpenter boy were the first Ocean City Elementary School students to discover Pokeyman cards.
  10. The boy who acquired Change really wanted Mynx for his collection, but he never had that card in his possession at any time during the day's events.
  11. The card Michael brought to trade wasn't Change.
  12. After all the trading was done, no two of the boys ended up simply exchanging Pokeyman cards.

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