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Logic Puzzle # 2 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

By clue 9, three of the Summerset Software employees who volunteer to build houses are Adam, the director of human resources, and the one who works as a plumber. Since Roger isn't the director of human resources or the plumber (6), he is the fourth volunteer to the three in clue 9. The IT manager isn't Roger (clue 1), doesn't do the plumbing (4), and isn't Adam (clue 13); he is the fifth volunteer. Neither Roger (1) nor Adam (13) is Blankenship, Sandler (clue 15), or Valdes, who is Jesse (8), so they are Edberg and Green or vice versa. Since neither Sandler (3), Blankenship (7), nor Jesse Valdes (8) does carpentry, either Edberg or Green, Roger or Adam, does; Adam is the carpenter (12). The plumber doesn't work as a computer engineer (14), so Edberg or Green does--Green is the computer engineer (5). Since Edberg isn't Summerset Software's chief financial officer (17), he must be the sales representative; and, by elimination, the plumber is the chief financial officer. By clue 11, Adam is Green and Roger Edberg. By clue 2, Lou is the chief financial officer. By clue 10, Will must be the volunteer electrician; he isn't the director of human resources (16) and is thus the IT manager. Jesse Valdes is the director of human resources. Lou is Blankenship (1), and Will Sandler. Valdes does the landscaping and Edberg the roofing (5). In summary, the Summerset Software volunteers for Habitat for Humanity are

  • Lou Blankenship, chief financial officer, plumber
  • Roger Edberg, sales representative, roofer
  • Adam Green, computer engineer, carpenter
  • Will Sandler, IT manager, electrician
  • Jesse Valdes, director of human resources, landscaper Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.