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The Danny Devito Film Festival
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last week, the brothers of Phi Lambda Kappa held their first annual Danny Devito film festival, showing a different one of the actor's movies each night Monday through Friday. A different brother made the film choice each evening, selecting his favorite Devito to show on the frat house's 36" television. Given the clues below, can you determine the brother who made each night's choice and the movie he picked to show?

  1. Dan, Sanchez, and Tanner are all fraternity officers.
  2. Ben, who is Quayle's roommate, thought up the idea of a Danny Devito film festival; the actor is Ben's favorite comic star.
  3. Chip picked the film one evening before Russo selected his Devito favorite; Russo's choice played the night before Tin Men was shown.
  4. Alex's pick wasn't Batman Returns, his second-favorite Danny Devito film performance.
  5. Sanchez, who first enjoyed Danny Devito in "Taxi" reruns, didn't pick either Romancing the Stone or Twins for his choice.
  6. Tanner's selection also wasn't Romancing the Stone; the audience liked the mud slide scene in the movie so much it was rerun three times on the VCR-- even though Danny isn't in the scene.
  7. Danny's bravura performance as the Penguin in Batman Returns was seen later in the week than Preston's film choice, which was shown later in the festival than Evan's selection.
  8. Both Sanchez and Tanner enjoyed Tin Men because of the comic chemistry between Danny and Richard Dreyfuss, but neither picked it as his festival film.
  9. Dan's Danny Devito pick ran earlier in the week than Quayle's choice, which was shown on an earlier evening than Get Shorty.
  10. Evan isn't the Phi Lambda Kappa brother who opted to play Tin Men.

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