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Kriss Kross Puzzles Help

Kriss Kross puzzles are solved by placing the listed words into the diagram in the one unique arrangement possible. Solution generally starts with the solver locating a word that has a large number of intersections with other words. The solver then tests whether each listed word is the one that will fit in that space; usually, a set of words extending out from the word being tried will be tested before all false possibilities can be eliminated. Once a word has been found to be the only one that fits, it is entered and crossed off the list, and another word is attacked, etc., until the puzzle's unique solution is complete.

CRpuzzles Kriss Kross Puzzles vary in difficulty from 1-5 Stars based on the number of calculations the CRpuzzles computer required to solve for and validate a puzzle's unique solution. In general, solving times for the different ratings are

          1 Star  --   -20 min.
          2 Stars -- 20-30 min.
          3 Stars -- 30-45 min.
          4 Stars -- 45-60 min.
          5 Stars -- 60 min.+

for experienced Kriss Kross solvers.

Currently CRpuzzles Kriss Kross Puzzles are printable only for off-line solution. A user-friendly on-line Java tool will be implemented in the near future. Copyright © 2000 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.