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Crossword Puzzles Help

The CRpuzzles Crossword Puzzle on-line program gives the solver a flexible, easy-to-learn tool. Answers can be entered and the clue list accessed in a variety of ways, either by mouse click or keyboard movement buttons.

One way to enter a Crossword Puzzle answer is to click on a cell in the puzzle diagram. If the grey shading goes across, the editing tool will be in Across mode and the appropriate clue for the shaded word will be highlighted and boxed in red in the Across clues section. The Crosswords answer can be typed into the diagram boxes beginning with the highlighted blue cell. To switch to Down mode, click a second time in the same cell and the grey shading will switch to run down the diagram; the appropriate clue will be in red and boxed in the Down clues section.

To move around in the Crosswords diagram, the solver can click on the cell in the row or column where an entry is to be made and click a second time in the same cell if answer direction needs changed. The keyboard arrow keys can also be used to move from cell to cell, but a double mouse click on the beginning cell for word entry is required to change clue direction.

An alternate way to enter a puzzle answer is to click on a clue in the Across or Down clues section of the tool. The cursor will be positioned automatically, in blue, on the first letter of the word being defined and the grey shading will run in the proper direction for the clue. The answer then can be entered from the keyboard.

To move from Crossword puzzle clue to clue in the Across section, the solver can use the up and down keyboard keys or use the mouse to click on the intended clue. Similarly, to move from Down clue to previous or next Down clue, the solver uses the left and right arrow keys or mouse-clicks the desired clue. To locate puzzle clues not currently visible, the solver can employ the scroll bars and then click on the clue to be answered.

CRpuzzles Crosswords are currently solvable on-line only; a printable version of the Crossword puzzles will be added to the site in the near future. Copyright © 2000 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.