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Crossword Puzzle # 130 Crossword Puzzles Help

Crossword # 130
by T. T. Truax

Splat!, Pow!, and Sssss!

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Across   Down
1 He put life into Geraldine and the Rev. Leroy
5 Clark Kent's employer, The Daily ___
7 Floating fish banquet?
9 One funny "Nanny"
10 Grid; mesh
12 Peevish
14 The Front Page playwright
16 Building parcels
17 Mad Dog and Glory co-star Thurman
19 ___ your chin up, be courageous
21 Ernest J. Keebler, for one
22 Bogie and Bacall in ___ Largo
23 ___-cone, summer treat
24 Decree
26 PBS classic, "This ___ House"
27 Duration of life
28 ___-cut, trim
30 Mentioning; touching upon
32 Thrash; wallop
33 Wonderful; terrific
34 Friday noon luncheon attendee
38 Fireworks sound
39 Dead Man Walking star
  1 Vulnerable side of the line
2 Intra-building computer network
3 Bic output
4 ___ peeve
5 Thinks out
6 Shade; coloring
7 Humiliating mistake--unless done by a slapstick artist
8 ___ of the woods, neighborhood
9 Horseplay; lark
11 Trouper; artiste
12 Pitch symbol
13 Whitehorse and (vast) vicinity
14 Austrian composer, father of the string quartet
15 Lease signer
18 The voice of Porky Pig, Barney Rubble, etc.
20 Atari's world-changing creation
25 Rip; shred
27 Prepare crabs
29 Run ___, in a frenzy
31 Red or Vidalia
35 Drum lightly
36 Raymond Massey as ___ Lincoln in Illinois
37 TV's "Beauty and the Beast" star Perlman

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