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Crossword Puzzle # 108 Crossword Puzzles Help

Crossword # 108
by Steven Snell

Sorry, George, the Pet Shop on Backstreet is closed.

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Across   Down
1 Kept in, as thoughts
4 Capital on the Mediterranean
6 Richard Thomas's defining role
8 Brooklyn Dodger, affectionately
9 Piazza's parlor?
11 Waiter's helper
14 Promise; commitment
16 Larry Ellison or Bill Gates
17 Epps of Love and Basketball
19 563-carat sapphire, "___ of India"
21 World traveler Nellie
22 Frightened exclamation
24 Plural is
25 Steel mill waste
27 Beginning of a famous soliloquy--or not
28 One of the circus Ringlings or cough drop Smiths
29 Catch fish
31 Dugout kid
33 ___ out, show off
35 Scottish river
36 Synge's The ___ of the Western World
39 Emancipates
40 Carpenter who will unbuild your house
  1 Dopey what?
2 National chain Comfort or Hampton
3 Have ___ on, claim
4 Little Women's not-so-feminine Jo
5 Area of Manhattan south of Houston Street
6 Roast beef au ___
7 Votes for
8 Float able
10 Pat on the back
11 Carillon components
12 Don't include
13 Zara ___, great emperor of Ethiopia
15 Lead singer Deborah of Blondie
16 "60 Minutes"'s home
18 Country hitmaker McEntire
20 "Can't Fight This Feeling" group ___ Speedwagon
23 Brawls; skirmishes
26 John Irving hero
30 According to Twain, "A good walk spoiled"
32 The Chesapeake
34 Actress Reid of American Pie
37 Kyoto cash
38 Exacta or trifecta

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